Why the Sunflower?

  • To decrease electricity consumption and your carbon footprint.
  • To save money by decreasing your electric bill.
  • To utilize and de-industrialize viable solar power.
  • To experience more sunlight!  Soak up some sun even when you’re sitting inside.
  • To exchange cheap, fluorescent lighting for feel good light.
  • To naturally treat Seasonal Affective Disorder.
  • To brighten dark rooms without renovations through the use of mirrors.

How Does the Sunflower Compare to Other Heliostats?

Well… What are your needs?

If you’re looking for an earth friendly and solar powered daylighting possibility, we think the Sunflower is hard to beat.  If your goal is to bring more sunlight inside or to outside to expand your garden, The Sunflower is the only heliostat on the market that makes sense.


  • It’s the only heliostat priced under $1000.
  • It’s solar powered — which means no running cords or cables through your yard or adding to your electricity bill (who wants to run cords all over their lawn?  Hello unhappy lawn mower…).
  • It’s a more attractive addition to your home landscape than the standard rectangular shaped heliostats!
If you’re looking to concentrate solar power with multiple heliostats and/or a lens then the Sunflower may not be what you are looking for.  The use of multiple heliostats or concentrating sunlight through a lens adds on a fire hazard and the Sunflower may not be the most robust heliostat for the job — if you’re investing in a large and more expensive system, then the more expensive heliostats such as Practical Solar’s or Light Manufacturing Systems’ probably make more sense for you.  The difference in price between the Sunflower and the more industrial grade heliostats may not be worth the efficiency of your system.