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On September 24th a popular UK TV show, Double Your House for Half the Money staring Sarah Beeny showcased the Sunflower Home Heliostat! By teaching people how to improve their home using clever cost saving alternatives Sarah shows couples how to remodel without breaking the bank.

Season 3 episode 8 features the ever present problem of how to bring natural light into your home. In Wales Darren and Tracey built a North facing addition on their home which never receives any direct sunlight. Some simple solutions were reflecting balls, a thin acrylic reflector, and the Sunflower Heliostat. Though the heliostat may look a bit “space age” as Darren mentions in the episode, it was the couples favorite lighting option! Since the heliostat can target a window it brings in the most natural light possible. The reflecting balls and reflective acrylic help, but they bounce light to random locations. By directing the sunlight to a specific area, it will be illuminated for as long as the sun is shining!

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  1. Paul


    saw this episode last night and only need the sunflower for the light reflection, and not for energy saving or solar panels etc. Any ideas on where in the UK I can buy??

    • Wikoda

      Hey Paul,

      We are currently the only sellers of The Sunflower so it’s only available online. We are currently offering flat rate shipping for a limited time so postage to the UK will be an additional $80 at checkout. Making the total about £240 before duties.

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