Introducing… The Sunflower!

This marvelous piece of technology tracks the sun throughout the day and redirects its rays to any location of your choice.  Get sunlight wherever you want it: a shaded patch of yard that was once unfit for growing plants, or a room too dark for daytime reading and lounging suddenly becomes bright and full of life.

The Sunflower is economically priced at $299, and pays back for itself within 3 years of purchase by supplying you with natural light while keeping that daunting electricity bill at bay.  What better gift is there for family and friends? Through the use of its cutting-edge technology, The Sunflower achieves something most products can’t: it defines a way of life!

 The Sunflower can be used to…

Light Dark Places

– North facing rooms that never get any sun
– Windows shaded by awnings or overhangs
– Apartment windows or balconies

Plant & Garden

– Provide consistent sunlight for your plants
– Maintain windowsill plants and herb boxes
– Winter plants without moving them to chase down the sun
– Plant in places you couldn’t before!

Live Green

- Use solar power
- Experience more sunlight (feel good light!)
- Reduce your carbon footprint (NO cables, cords, or plugs!)

 Natural light is gentler on the human eye. It can alleviate strains caused by fluorescent lighting such as eye fatigue and headaches, as well as offsetting Seasonal Affective Disorder.