The Sunflower vs. The Light Bulb

Is the light actually bright enough for me to notice a difference?
“Is one Sunflower enough to light up my whole room?”

We find it best to show you the answers to questions like these. The first photo shows a room lit with a single lightbulb in the corner. Not bad right? However, with the Sunflower the room becomes fully illuminated!


…The Sunflower!

The room became significantly brighter with the Sunflower — but the fact that it was natural really did mean that it was more gentle than the light that comes from a light bulb.  The kind of light provided by the Sunflower is enjoyable in the same way that, when you’re sitting out at the beach or traipsing out into a field to enjoy the sun.

The Sunflower Provides you with feel good light

That description still seem too obvious? Imagine you’re relaxing on the beach. The sun’s shining bright, you can feel it tingle a little bit on your skin. Overall, you just feel warm. Then a cloud goes by and completely blocks out the sun. How do you feel then? Cold? And kind of gloomy. The whole mood of the beach changes instantly when a cloud blocks the sun. It’s the same in a room lit up with the Sunflower vs. with a light bulb. A light bulb is bright, provides more than enough light, but it doesn’t feel natural, it doesn’t feel warm.

So — yes, the Sunflower makes a room significantly brighter. But more than just meeting a need for light, the Sunflower brings you feel-good light.

For a more in depth explanation of how to examine the difference in light between a room with the Sunflower and without, see how we used the Sunflower to light up a study.

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