Predicting the Sunflower’s Performance

Does the Sunflower make sense to you BUT you’re a little confused about the performance you can expect to receive once you buy a Sunflower and put it in your yard?

If this is the case, you can “try out the Sunflower” using our Sunflower Dial.

Once you have determined the best place to put your Sunflower, print the Sunflower Dial Template out. Need help determining where to put your Sunflower? Learn how to find the best location with our Where To Put the Sunflower Guide.


– Make sure to print the image at 100% exactly not “fit to page” (which should be about 107%)
– Use a box cutter/blade/knife to cut out the dial — it’s easier than using scissors

Then follow the instructions to construct your Sunflower Dial.  The finished product should look like this:

Then, on a sunny day, place the Sunflower Dial in the spot you decided would be best to put the Sunflower in.  Make sure the Sunflower Dial sits level.

The shadow cast by the dial will help determine when the Sunflower will track the sun and redirect its light to your target.  As long as the shadow from the tip of the dial (marked by the red triangle) falls within the green area, the Sunflower will be tracking the sun AND redirecting its light.

Please note, that although the green area ends at the print borders of the picture, as long as the shadow falls behind the lines that mark off the green area, then the Sunflower will be actively tracking the sun.  Refer to the picture below to see that the light green layers mark off the extended green area.


Example shadows of the Sunflower working:


Example shadows of the Sunflower NOT working: