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Here you can read about the great reviews people have given us about their Sunflower heliostats!      Want to see some customer set ups? Look at our Customer Sunflowers album on Facebook

This sunflower home helistat is indeed unique and useful.  It also blends in well into our oriental landscape design.  Immediately after we installed the first unit in our nursery garden, we received curious visitors with fascination about the display.  Within a month, we have ordered the second sunflower to install in our garden and to brighten a room that has never received direct sunlight.

Bonsai Etc.

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 With the mirrors we have sun from 10 am until the afternoon or evening , depending on the season. An additional advantage is that the mirror system also provides some extra warmth in the house!

Bart T

Read Bart’s Article here.

I’ve shown quite a few visitors at my home, and they were all just so amazed about the concept and device. Here’s another huge fan of the Sunflower, our sun-seeking chihuahua Missy! IMG_20140523_094419

Tom S.

One Sunflower is trained on my fruit cage, ripening up the fruit nicely, the other is trained on a PV panel in the morning until the sun comes round on to it. I can report that from testing using a smart electricity meter that the Sunflower lets me generate about 80W more / 0.5kwh on a sunny morning than before.

Andrew L.

I it’s generated a lot of talk among my friends, neighbors, and anyone who sees it in my yard!

Ryan M.

I like the heliostat quite a bit! It’s nice to have the sunlight shining through my north window.


This is the best heliostat I’ve found and it’s affordable! I like that there are no wires and the movement is powered by tiny solar panels.

Julian H.

I have had my lemon tree for a few years, but only now has it really started producing lemons.I attribute this burst of fertility to my Sunflower Heliostat which beams sunshine on my lemon tree all winter long and seems to have really perked up its spirits. Having constant sunshine throughout the winter months has made my lemon tree happier and healthier than ever! By the way, I live in New England so getting enough sunlight has always been a real problem in the winter.

John S.

I think it’s a great product and I hope you do very well with it.

Joe F.

Love your Sunflower Home Heliostat, it’s a great design and brilliant.

Andrew H.

What a wonderful and simple idea.

John P.