Bring More Natural Light Into Your Day with the Sunflower

  • Bring Natural Sunlight Into Your Home
  • Redirect Sunlight Where You Want
  • Experience Feel Good Light
  • 100% Natural Light
  • Solar Powered
  • No Cables, Cords, or Electricity Required

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The Sunflower allows you to redirect sunlight into those North facing windows of your home, the ones that never seem to get enough sun!

Without the Sunflower

With the Sunflower

Having the Sunflower light up this room was essentially as if I could’ve pulled the sun a bit lower so it could’ve shined some of its rays directly through my window. The light was significantly bright — but the fact that it was natural really did mean that it was more gentle than the light that comes from a light bulb. The kind of light provided by the Sunflower is enjoyable in the same way that you feel the sun’s warmth when you’re sitting out at the beach or traipsing out into a field to enjoy the sun.

Cara S.