Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do you ship to my location?

A: We ship worldwide from our office in MA. Shipping costs are calculated at checkout unless we’re running a sale. If you are an international customer please be aware that duties may be charged by your countries local customs center.


Q: The mirrors of my Sunflower have turned into a horizontal position and can’t find the sun anymore. How do I fix this?

A: This problem means your sensor ribbon cable is flipped. This problem occurs when the Sunflower is booting up in the morning. At the end of the previous day when it stops tracking the sensor is facing the sunset. In the morning when it tries to re-find the sun it will turn to face the sunrise. If the sensor is too close to the limiting shade during this repositioning the sensor ribbon cable can flip. When it flips the sensor does as well, causing the unit to think North is South and vice versa. It then jams itself to the back of the unit trying to find sun in the wrong location.

To fix this you will need to remove the white motor to access the worm gear. You can use a small screwdriver to manually turn the worm gear and bring the sensor forward. Once the sensor is back in the correct position you will need to reach up and straighten the ribbon cable until it hangs freely straight down.


Q: Is the Sunflower a fire hazard? Will it damage my walls or furniture?

A: Items on and in your home are made to withstand at least “one sun’s” exposure, because usually they could be exposed to sunlight! There is no danger of fire with the Sunflower because its mirrors are flat. A lot of time and care was taken in finding and engineering the right mirrors to make sure there would be no fire hazard.


Q: Can I use the Sunflower on PV panels?

A: We don’t suggest using the Sunflower on PV panels. PV Panels are expensive and specifically designed to receive light from “one sun”. Adding the Sunflower’s light to your PV and solar panels might create the exposure of “two suns”, and we cannot guarantee that your panels are designed to withstand this kind of exposure. While you might experience increased performance, we simply do not know if use of The Sunflower to increase sun exposure would decrease the lifetime and performance of your panels.

If you are strongly considering using the Sunflower with your pv/solar panels, please contact your solar provider and ask them if using a mirror to shine more sunlight onto your panels will be okay/how it will affect the life of your panels.