• Introducing... The Sunflower!

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  • Use Natural Light to Light up a Room!
  • The Sunflower can be an artistic addition to your home

The Sunflower is a mirror on solar powered motors designed to bring sunshine inside.  So if you’re looking to…

Then the Sunflower just might be the product for you!

What is a Heliostat?

A heliostat is a mirror on motors that redirects sunlight.  The Sunflower is the first solar powered heliostat designed for home use. No plugs, cords, or cables — the Sunflower is completely solar powered.

Why the Sunflower?

With the Sunflower you can bring in more sunshine, get some feel-good light, and reduce your carbon footprint.  Now you can have all the benefits of sunlight wherever you want to.

How Can I Use It?

Use the Sunflower to light up a room or bring more sunlight to your plants.  The Sunflower is your own personal sun.  Having trouble determining the best place to put it?  We’ve got some useful tips and templates for you to use.

I want one!

For a limited time only we are offering flat rate shipping on all orders.

USA $20

Canada $30

Europe $80

Rest of the world $100

The Sunflower Home Heliostat is an affordable daylighting option that can bring natural light into your home and save you money by saving electricity. Redirect sunlight to brighten up your life!